27 February, 2009

Crossing the line between cynicism and bitterness


Definition of wasting time: developing criteria to use to sort out one of the many ungodly and undocumented processes in our systems here, which Ted E. will oppose on principle because:
  1. it's change;
  2. it's not how we did things in the old days (which is only half-true - this was done in the old days, but inconsistently and poorly);
  3. "I'm concerned we're creating more work for ourselves" (trans. "This means that work I've been trying to make for other people and then blame them for not doing it the way I think it should be done will come back to me to look after and I'll f**k it up";
  4. his parents didn't beat him enough as a child.
And the Invertebrate will side with him because:
  1. he won't understand the distinctions I'm trying to make (this is a contractual agreement - this is off-the-shelf inventory);
  2. Ted E. explains things in simple terms that he can understand. They're also overly-simplistic terms that miss 75% of the salient points, but that's incidental;
  3. he doesn't want to make a decision until the senior procurement role is filled, because then someone else will magically make the problem go away for him, presumably by agreeing with everything Ted E. says;
  4. his parents let him eat too many lead paint chips when he was young.

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