06 January, 2009

Professionalism: it's overrated anyway...

Paraphrasing ensues.

Email from Ted E. to me personally, cc'ed to the team in general:
  1. Is the incomplete, inaccurate, and incoherent form email I cobbled together from copy-and-paste when I wasn't making lolspeak look like Shakespeare okay to send out to clients?
  2. Shall we change how we do something I don't like doing and want to find lazy shortcuts for, when none of the reasons we do it this way have changed?
  3. Where is the 2009 information for this? I've looked everywhere and it's not there, and no-one tells me anything.
  4. Is there anything else I need to know about for 2009?
My reply (to Ted E. and team):
  1. No, it wasn't client-friendly, was missing vital information, and looked like it had been plagiarised by the proverbial village idiot with a word-processor. I've written an English-language version that we'll use instead;
  2. No, moron;
  3. They're exactly in all the places you claimed you looked, and have been for several weeks (thank you Netware Info properties tab). Here are the paths in order to assist your meagre comprehension;
  4. I don't know, is there?
I admit, I was greatly attempted to simply refer all these to the Invertebrate and let him agonise about the answers until he could find a car in need of repair ... but if Ted E. thought they were important enough to email to everyone, the least I could do was graciously accept the opportunity to beat him in public.

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Anonymous said...

This is why you aren't a manager. You're too honest. A real manager would have recommended Ted for promotion, and ladled on the praise.

You need to be much more weasel if you're going to get promoted.