11 August, 2008

Ted E. vs The Environment

Some licence has been taken with the following conversation. But not a lot.

Now, Ted, what we're doing is installing a small client on each machine to monitor how much power it draws, so we can get some metrics on how much power we can save by using policies that power down all the computers over the weekend.

Ted: It's not my fault! I have a laptop, and I undock it at the end of each day and put it in the cupboard!*

Manager: I know, but we're just gathering some data so we can extrapolate some figures.

Ted: Laptop! Unplug! Not my fault!

Manager: We're not worried about how much power you're consuming personally, just how much we can potentially -

Ted: It's not me! Other people leave their computers on all the time, but not me!

Manager: *sigh* Ted, I'm just going to install this, okay? It won't do anything at all if you're computer's not - "

Ted E.: NOOOO! Not "if" - "WHEN". Other people BAD - Ted GOOD!

Manager: Okay, that's done. Oops, look at the time! Gotta run!

* Ted E. and the laptop ... where to begin? Let's not, and just write it off as one of those management vision things. But I will just say that watching Ted E. grapple with the laptop dock for the first few weeks was a regular afternoon highlight.

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