06 August, 2008

And the outcome is...

Meeting went broadly as expected, with Ted E. deciding the best way to defend himself was to attack anyone and everything else in sight and insist "I disagree strongly" because, y'know, that by itself invalidates anything anyone else might have to say.

I'm slightly disappointed by the ouctome of the meeting, because I'd have liked more fireworks, but at least he's now been formally asked to lift his act in a couple of areas and knows what's expected of him. The other meeting we probably need to have - about his treatment of other team members - will have to wait a little for now.

Ted E's facial tic was back, though, albeit not quite so extreme as during last week's team meeting. Again, it's satisfying to see that he's feeling some pressure.

And, coming up soon, we have the Stress Fiend to manage...

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Sean said...

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LUSER Attitude Readjustment Tool
usually described as a clue-by-four