18 August, 2008

A Ted E. triptych - watch the patience diminish

Ah, Ted E. ... how it amuses me when you try to make other people's lives difficult (because, as we all know, that's the key to masking deficiencies in your own performance) and manage a 75% failure rate in doing so ...

A little later.
Having said that, I'm still not convinced that simply putting out a hit on Ted E. wouldn't be the most elegant solution for all concerned.

... and later still.
And, while I'm on a roll, what the hell is the point of asking everyone else but me the kind of questions that I'm the only one in the position to make a decision on?

I mean the former acting team leader of the remote desktop support group? I like the guy and thought he did a good job in his acting role ... but what is the frikking point of enlisting his support for a half-arsed idea that's outside his area of expertise and responsibility?

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