22 March, 2006

Cow-orker: The Truth Is Out There

The Cow-orker was woken again by The Spouse in the small hours of the morning with more video camera antics. This time he was out in the back yard screaming wildly about becoming a millionaire.

Because, you see, he'd just spent the last hour filming UFOs.

And he'd drunk half a carton of beer, which presumably went some way to explaining why the Cow-orker wasn't quite able to share his vision of translating footage of strange lights in the sky near a military airbase into instant wealth.



ThePoliteOne said...

Ah, the golld old days are here again - for us readers at least. You're still suffering the same hell as before :(

Anonymous said...

What can I say... one man's personal hell is another's popcorn munching peep show!

This beats "Big Brother" any day of the week...

"Dear Argh,

"While we really feel for you, if you leave, we will track down your real life identity and manipulate things to bring you and the Cow-orker back together.

"Lots of love,
Your fans."