23 March, 2012


Things are a bit hectic right now. Not just because of the impending new job and the rush to get things finished, but because of more planning retreats (there's a story to be told there), management decisions (likewise), Stress Fiend madness (always) and, more seriously, family illness that's leaving me a bit ragged at the moment while I try to juggle everything at once.

Without wishing to blight  my chances of moving to a sane and rational workplace, I can offer this much reassurance to anyone worrying I'll run out of material: this blog came into existence when I moved into a near-identical role in a near-identical government department.

How strong the resemblance turns out to be remains to be seen ... but one of my predecessors here was one of the project managers back on good old Project Death Spiral in the very early days of Blunt Trauma.

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