18 January, 2012

The Stress Fiend Code

What she says: "Oh, yes, that's a trap for young players."

(One of her most often-used and annoying stock phrases, incidentally.)

What she means: "Oh, yes, that's something else I don't document and don't pass on to the people who actually need to know it in order to do their job."

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Lusus Naturae said...

My wife is dealing with someone very similar at her place of work. They're retiring in a few months but are doing nothing to pass on any sort of information to anyone that could use it. I suspect it's a concious effort to guarantee that they won't be rendered anything less than absolutely required until the very last day, inflating a sad little ego.

Naturally, they'll be "available for consultancy" after retirement... They're being pretty much ignored now, because a new internal database is rendering anything she knows obsolete soon anyway. But it sure would be handy to know how things work now so things can be implemented as seamlessly as possible!

People are bastards.