12 January, 2011

Taking the high ground

Naturally, with three-quarters of the state underwater, the route between my home and work remains resolutely above water and perfectly serviceable. Worse, there's no possibility that the waters will claim my workplace and wash the earth clean of its unholy taint or, at least, the last lingering traces of Ted.

On the bright side, though, the Stress Fiend is cut off and won't be joining us for a while, although for The Invertebrate's peace of mind it might have been nice if she'd contacted him or answered his phone calls to let him know this, rather than leaving him to worry she'd been swept away by the floodwaters sometime in the last twenty-four hours.

In fact there's almost no-one here, so it's unusually peaceful. Not overly productive, of course, because big chunks of our corporate infrastructure are running on skeleton staff, some parts are underwater, and half our internet link has been shut down because of flooding and power outages (with the other half possibly following if things get worse) but, as I say, "peaceful".


Andrea said...

Stay dry, and enjoy the peace while you can. I hope your friends and family are away from the floods. Good wishes from Tennessee!

Anonymous said...

And good wishes from California. Seems that God destroyed a quarter of Aus. to give you a peaceful week. Smile and enjoy it.

Argh said...

Sean: It was a very Old Testament response to my problems, wasn't it? I'd have been content with a little bit of selective smiting, or perhaps a localised plague or two (a Plague of Frogs has always appealed to me, but the cane toads here would just eat them.

Argh said...

Andrea: Thanks for the thoughts - I've had a few friends and workmates who've suffered flood damage, but most people I know have gotten off relatively lightly compared to what's happened in some parts of the state.