24 January, 2011

Après le déluge, La Mondaine.

With the flood cleanup in progress and likely to remain so for some considerable time to come, La Mondaine (like many) is struggling to come to grips with events.

Not that she was affected by the flooding. No, it's the television footage that's confusing her:

"... and there were all these big piles of mud - huge piles, like giant blobs of chocolate ice-cream - all lined up in a row just back from the road, and I just don't understand how they got there."

A passing tech, who spent most of last week watching his neighbourhood being excavated from beneath the silt, paused to explain that the piles were placed there by bobcat operators as part of the cleanup.

"But where did the mud come from for them to make such big blobs? When they showed you the streets nearby, there was hardly any mud at all!"

I don't know what reality La Mondaine lives in, but it seems certain it only intersects ours occasionally and I believe we should all be grateful for that.

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