28 April, 2010

A cyclical model of stupidity

It's not that I'm making up for being slack lately: Ted's just on a roll at the moment.

Awash in the afterglow of his Crystal Reports nostalgia, Ted's been running everyday, non-Crystal reports to try to recapture some of that glorious high. On the bright side, he hasn't lit a cigarette yet.

(And I'm sorry but, yes, I am trying to scar you with that image).

"I don't bother checking outstanding stuff that I might have to do something with. Only the stuff that affects other people. Here's a list of things I think you might want to look into because they're overdue."

He gives the Stress Fiend a report listing all the items he thinks need  to be followed up. Then he recites them to her as well, for good measure.

"Oh, and the figures I'm working from for that report are a month old, anyway, so they may not really be outstanding at all."

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