07 July, 2009

The General Pointlessness of Ted

Another fine Ted moment. He's been quite prolific lately. One might almost say incontinently so.

Now he's complaining about the fact that The Invertebrate and I often don't start until 9am. Somehow it escapes his highly-selective world view that just because he slinks away at 3 or 4pm(or earlier if people are mean to him and he gets a headache) doesn't mean everyone else packs up and goes home because they can't go on without him. The Invertebrate's hours are a little rubbery (one of the perks of a middle-management position), but I'm routinely here until 5 or later on most days.

On an unrelated note, we have an internal auditor lurking in our area at the moment, and there was a particularly telling moment yesterday after he'd finished grilling The Invertebrate and the Stress Fiend. Ted E. was lurking hopefully, waiting to be included so he could complain about something,  but at the end of the conversation all he got was a quizzical look from the auditor and the rather pointed question: "So what is it you actually do?"

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