30 April, 2009

So easily offended...

I bumped into Ted E. in the corridor on the way into the office this morning.  Being polite, and because he's been known to turn it into an issue if people don't, I said "Good morning" and was rewarded with pure surliness in exchange. Which actually doesn't bother me, as I'm much happier when Ted E. doesn't try to make small talk, but I was puzzled by the sheer belligerence he radiated at the sight of me.

Then I get inside and discover why.

No-one else is here yet, and I've turned up early for a meeting. And, suddenly noticing Ted E. is still wearing his backpack, he's running half an hour late (even later if you believe his much-boasted and often-disproved unofficial starting time) and presumably I've thwarted his planned fudging of his hours.

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