28 April, 2009

Mr Helpful

Volunteering to look after a task, Ted E. style:
  1. volunteer to take over a task;
  2. use the help desk tool to assign each instance of that task against The Invertebrate because you've decided because he mentioned it last, it's clearly his responsibility now;
  3. forget how to use the help desk software to do this;
  4. ask The Invertebrate for help in assigning the Ted-tasks to him;
  5. realise The Invertebrate is in fact your team leader and wasn't meant to know about this;
  6. prevaricate madly in a feeble attempt to salvage an illusion of credibility. 


gregor42 said...

Got to love any excuse to use the word 'prevaricate'!


Well done.

Paul said...

Special. ;) Maybe the help desk software is just too complicated :P Maybe better success with the Web Help Desk software.