04 September, 2008

There's a time for democracy, and this isn't it.

"I just wanted to bring up people changing mail folders around and renaming them," says Ted E. as he produces a list of mail folders. "If you're going to make these kind of changes, then can we discuss them first at a meeting?"

Trouble is ... the folders in question have been there for at least a year, and I'm pretty sure some of them predate my time here entirely. So I'm not sure who he thinks created these and began moving them about.

And the solution... dear god!

Why would I want to hold a meeting to discuss the structure and filing of the group inbox with the very people who've actively helped make it into the Grand Abomination it is now?

Note that Ted E. and the Stress Fiend haven't suggested a meeting to discuss general principles or priorities, or how we should approach things in an Age of Reason. No. They've seriously proposed that the entire team sits down as a group and negotiates how and where 835Mb of "historical" email (read "irrelevant junk we'll never throw out because that would require a decision") should be filed.

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klc said...

Wow. I stop checking in and come back to find lots of updates. As always I enjoy reading your stories...and sympathize with you for having them.

(verification tkxppk. Sounds like something you get when blowing a raspberry - in Ted E's direction). :)