31 May, 2007

"Uh, is this thing on?"

Sad to say (well, only in the most masochistic, don't-want-to-disappoint-what-remains-of-my-audience kind of way) that things have been relatively sane and dull at work lately. There's only been the standard, everyday havoc going on around me and very little of the malevolent lunacy that seems to stalk me from workplace to workplace.

Of course, Ted E. was away for six weeks, which accounts for part of it...

And the more volatile of our casuals also declared about a month or so ago that she was leaving and never coming back. (Thus far she's kept her word, but her memory remains in the form of drunken dinosaur-like footprints throughout our database. Any time something occurs that makes no sense, enrages the clients, and breaks something, we can usually find her user ID stamped somewhere on the records).

So, while not exactly a Golden Age (don't make me rant about being trapped in a shared office the size of a glorified broom cupboard while half a dozen people pile in to have a meeting with my cell-mate) it's been a relatively peaceful and dull time in the old cube farm. In a grinding, shifting-goalposts/too-many-demands/not-enough-staff way, at least.

But, fear not, for good news is at hand!

It's all a bit subject to negotiation at the moment (and negotiation at my workplace tends to be conducted along the lines of upper management gloating in Bond-villain fashion while dangling you over an elaborate deathtrap), but ...

I may end up managing Ted E. (and a couple of other minions) for the rest of the year.


Anonymous said...

I hope Ted E. does not disappoint!

Madkittykat said...

I look forward to it

Sean Cleary said...

can you just fire him for incompetence? how about for willful malfeasance? Or destruction of company proprerty? or for stealing funds for annother acount? If you hire them, odds are the next person would be better, and can not easily be worse.


John said...

I keep you on the list to hit every week just in case of this exact scenario.

Well, not "this exact scenario" in the send of you becoming management, but more "in case you update again".

Glad to see you back, even if I feel bad for your need for it.

Argh said...

Gah!!! What idiot put this stupid word verification thing on here?

Surprisingly, Ted E. seems to be in remission at the moment, although it's possible he's merely pacing himself for maximum effect at a later date.

You're very cruel.

The "beauty" of my role is that I'm not going to have any actual authority to do anything lasting. I'm basically there to keep a seat warm until the job can be advertised at the end of the year. And, to be fair, Ted E. does have his uses.

"Becoming management"??? Them's fighting words! (Plus this will be more like Advanced Wildebeest Wrangling than management).

Dr Irony said...

Things seem relatively sane. You are being considered for management.

This is scary. Quick, read back through past entries and see if people seem as bad as you made them out to be in the cold light of day.

If you decide that you were being unreasonable and that the people you portrayed as evil incompetents didn't deserve it then it can only mean one thing.

They've got you.

I hope that isn't the case.

klc said...

Yikes. This time it took me three weeks to notice you'd posted an update. I must be slipping. Glad to hear from you. Hope your "management" experience isn't unpleasant and yet I look forward to many stories. :)

Don't you have old stories you never got around to posting from the cow-orker? You could hurt your brain and post a few of those perhaps.