10 November, 2005

Communication Problems

Life under the Crazy Man:

"This person wants a copy of these documents. If I mail them through to you, can you mail them through to her?"

I'm sure I can, but what's the point? It's not like he's actually saving himself any work here. In fact, given that he's been incapable of getting my e-mail address right for the last three days* and has to resend the documents twice, he's actually making extra work for himself.

* Discussion of e-mail addresses went something like this:

"Use this address. That one doesn't work."

"But it should, so I'll use it."

"It should, but it doesn't. Use this one instead."

"I'll use the one that should work."


"Have you got it yet?"

"No. Did you send it to the address that works?"

"I sent it to the address that should work. Oh, wait, I've just gotten an 'undeliverable' message from the mail server."

"That would be because that address doesn't work."

"But it should..."

Repeat ad infinitum.

So now his mail software has the wrong address tucked away in its auto-complete list, and he keeps choosing it instead of the correct address, and wondering why a) I don't get his e-mails, and b) why he keeps getting 'undeliverable' messages.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like blind faith that technology is 'magic'. Or madness - i.e "let's keep doing the same thign over & over & see if something different happens."

Praytell, did he ever mention this problem to anyone in IT to fix it perhaps? Do is it just supposed to fix itself?

Batsgirl said...

Not a unique problem, I assure you.