09 May, 2005

Slappable Clients II

"I ordered multiple licenses, but I only received one CD set."

"You only ordered one CD set."

"My order says 'media required'."

"It does. And media was supplied. You didn't say you wanted multiple copies."

"I need multiple copies! This will only work the way I want it to if I have multiple copies!"

"You can make multiple copies - the license allows you to do that."

"But I want original multiple copies! I don't want to make my own copies!"

"I can order another more copies in for you, then, but you'll need to pay for them."

Direct quote: "The quote I received from Symantec includes the media. I'm not prepared to pay for further media. The nature of the product is such that the CD forms part of the solution as it is required for the bare metal recovery. I'm happy to take this up with Symantec if you wish. The original order said '(must include media)' and for this product means a CD for each licence.

I'm sure he's mistaken, so I call Symantec. They agree that using the software the way he wants to will need one CD per license. They also agree that he can make his own copies, or pay for additional copies of original media, and seem a little puzzled as to what the problem is.

I enlighten my contact at Symantec by reading back the client's message. I get as far as "I'm not prepared to pay for further media" when the other end of the line explodes with laughter, followed by "Well I've got news for them - there's a lot of things we don't want to pay for either!" before being cut off by further eruptions of laughter.

I now have to translate this into less inflammatory terms and relay it to the client.

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