10 February, 2013


One of my workmates conducted a quick audit of the First Aid kit for our floor and noted that some of its contents breached Workplace Health and Safety policy.

"Are you going to bring it up at the next WHS committee meeting?" asks his boss.

"That would mean I'd have to go along to it."

"Not telling them the First Aid kit breaches policy is a breach of policy."

"Only if they find out."

"It would be a breach of policy not to tell them about a breach of policy in telling them about a breach of policy."

It appears we're breaching more than a pod of terrified whales.


Anonymous said...

Truly wibble worthy!

You don't seem to have enough of this material for us these days... do you need to actually encourage them to out their foolishness ? :)

gregor42 said...

Amyl Nitrate?