18 November, 2010

"It was too wet at playtime, so teacher said we could go home early."

It's 3.30pm, and the The Invertebrate bounces into our workspace. He was helping Ted fill in his resignation forms earlier today (which I can't help but envisage as "No, Ted, stop chewing on your crayons and make your mark here") and he's still having trouble suppressing his glee.

"I just wanted to check with you guys - " he suddenly notices Ted's missing.  "Wait, where's he gone? Has he gone home already?"

"It was raining at lunch." He gets my best deadpan face.


"He didn't want to get wet if he went outside, so he decided that meant he had to work through lunch instead."

"He - what? That's just..."

Pain flickers across his face as he tries to reconcile Ted's sense of entitlement with anything resembling reason and, inevitably, fails.


The Stress Fiend nearly falls off her chair laughing.

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