17 December, 2009

Stupidity striving for equilibrium

I don't know what strikes me as more stupid:
  • Ted E. sending a series of emails to the same tech asking exactly the same question about several different computers, rather than simply compiling and emailing a list; or
  • the same tech, without a trace of irony or self-consciousness, sending exactly the same reply to each individual email from Ted.
On the bright side, Ted's now departed for a month's holiday. Finally. He managed to draw it out by doing a grand tour of the office to say good-bye to everyone and tell them the exact date of his return. I'm not sure why, although the smart money is on equal parts stupidity and delusions of grandeur.

1 comment:

Andy Boal said...

So a month when everyone will notice that he's completely unnecessary and could be made redundant in the current economic downturn because the Invertebrate needs to reduce headcount?