31 March, 2009

Welcome to Schadenfreude, population: me


The Invertebrate is trying to explain something to Ted E. and getting the full "it's change and I don't want to know about it" treatment, mixed in with a healthy dose of "everything you say is invalid because you spelled one word incorrectly".

Oh, and there's been a late addition: "yes, that's always been broken, but it's how we've always done it so I don't think we should fix it".

Well I'm enjoying it, at least.


Anonymous said...

wow, double or none, a whole raft of posts!
Thank you and the tide may turn
(but I will not run out of clich├ęs),

Argh said...

I keep meaning to update more regularly rather than the feast-or-famine option, but it just doesn't seem to work out that way.