23 December, 2008

A quick update

We've reached the point again where I'm feeling mildly guilty about not having updated for a while and figure I should at least make a pretence of keeping this blog alive.

There are a couple of reasons for the silence. One is the ongoing onslaught of Ted E.'s shiftless stupidity has long since passed the point where I can easily make fun of it anymore, and the other has been the destabilising effect of getting a new Team Leader - which means, obviously, that I didn't get that job. If I did, we'd probably still be destabilised (well, Ted E. would, anyway), but at least I'd know why and I'd have some idea of where we were going from here.

I can't actually say I'm disappointed at not being Team Leader. What sane man would regret being denied the unbounded joy of micro-managing Ted E. and the Stress Fiend on a daily basis? Nor can I honestly say that the new Team Leader (henceforth dubbed The Invertebrate, for reasons that will become clear in future posts) doesn't deserve Ted E. as an underling.

So because I'm not feeling particularly bitter about coming a close second for the job*, I'll content myself with saying only this much about the Invertebrate for now:

When you have the complexion and charisma of a freshly-risen zombie, and no background or experience in the field you're now responsible for managing, you'd want a pretty impressive set of transferable skills and management experience to compensate, and the feedback from the interview panel was that he displayed these in abundance.

On paper.

We're hoping (with diminishing optimism) that eventually he'll reveal some of these qualities in his day-to-day performance but, nearly two months into his reign, he's still keeping his brilliance in check. Perhaps he's saving himself for a big start to 2009.

I could ask him, of course, but he's only been at work about half the time since he was appointed.

* However I'm very pissed off about some of the reasoning that went into it.


Sean said...

Don't make fun of it, just report it and blow off steam that way. We will appreciate the result.

Sean said...

"However I'm very pissed off about some of the reasoning that went into it. "

A surprising amount of mis-communication and bad assumptions lead to me being hired on occasion. I must surmise that the same lead to me not being hired at least sometimes.

Thank you for updating the site, I missed your posts.