03 August, 2007

I'm thinking "42" might be the way to go...

"I need you to redraft this email that your minion wrote. I want it to say something different."

"Okay. What would you like it to say?"

"Something more meaningful that we can use as standard response to queries about this in future."

"Okay, but what would you like it to say?"

"Something better. Something people can understand."

"About what?"

"What your minion wrote. But different. Make it universally applicable. And concise."

"Universally applicable but concise."

"Exactly. And unambiguous, too."



Mary said...

I suggest you collate that moron's email, phone number and address and make your standard, universal, unambiguous response:

"Thank you for your contact which we value. If you have any further queries or would like to give feedback, please contact Mr Moron on..."

Dr Irony said...

Dear customer,

I love you and want to be with you forevermore in a pool of banana yoghurt and champagne.


The dumb person who gave you this task.

Anonymous said...

So, how did it go? Don't leave us hanging like this! You're either in jail, or you managed to corral Ted et al. and you're actually not stressed out anymore...