25 June, 2006

Not dead yet.

No, I'm not dead. Yes, I've been slack. But things have been happening, and I've been persistently unwell (over it now), and it's possible I may soon be leaving for Cow-orker free pastures once again (like I haven't tried that one before).

For the last few months I've been working two jobs - one, wrangling the Cow-orker; the other, doing similar work (minus Cow-orker wrangling) at another organisation. My week's been split in half between the two, which has limited my exposure to the Cow-orker. It also means that my working week now very clearly has a sane part, and a crazed, irrational part where my day is dominated by the Cow-orker and the Crazy Man. If I didn't know better, I'd swear someone was trying to conduct bizarre psychology experiments on me.

In fact I don't know better. Hmm...

Anyway, the two jobs situation looks set to end shortly (unless the Crazy Man pulls something bizarre and HR-related from someplace unthinkable) and in the near future I'll almost certainly be moving full-time to the sane workplace. It has its own quirks, to be sure, but there are no prominent Cow-orkers, Project Managers, or sequels to Project Death Spiral lurking in the offing. All I need for them to do now is to work out quite what they want me to do there on an ongoing basis. And then, of course, make sure it's an ongoing basis and not just something that wil evaporate at the end of the year.

But what this means is that once again (ha-hah) I'm facing the prospect of having dramatically less to post here.

This hasn't been helped by the fact that the Cow-orker herself has actually gone slightly sane. No, really. She's just separated from The Spouse, and the lack of mutual insanity at home seems to have made her slightly more rational at work. Slightly. And there are signs that it's wearing off already, so it's possible that she's going to continue her random acts of berserker stupidity in the workplace, but in different ways. But, as I've said, unless the Crazy Man acts fast to keep me there, I'm not going to be directly exposed to the madness.

So that's where things are at right now. There'll be a random smattering of updates to come as I begin ploughing through recent e-mails and catch up on things.


TPO said...

Good to hear that your work life is approaching a semblance of normality, I really hope that the grass really is greener this time and you manage to escape from the CowOrkers gravity well this time!

I hope The Spawn isn't too traumatised by his parents splitting up, but then again I can't help but think it's for the best...

Hope we can keep hearing from you, on a more positive note in the future!

Anonymous said...

I have to say I'm curious. What was the last straw? The midnight photos? The aliens?

While most normal humans tend to bottle that kind of thing up & not talk about it - especially at work - you must have some inkling - if only based on what I can assume would be an endless stream of personal phone calls to/from her family members (out to pasture one would infer) and a voice that carries a few hundred miles in each direction while "whispering"... No?

Has she said nothing inappropriate whatsoever to wretched fools/clients who she interacts with? Has she not attempted to confide in you or fellow officemates?

Wow.. The suspense over a serial soap opera about some obnoxious human I've never met is suprisingly gripping... I must need to get out more.

Good luck with the launch attempt - I mean in with all sincerity - but of course, believe it or not - the world is FULL of Cow-orkers. The Devil/demon/hellspawn you KNOW, yadda yadda yadda.... Caveat Emptor!

Mercyground said...

Well i for one am glad you are back alive. Wonder why she split? Actually... i'm libel to find out in lurid detail once i listen for the screaming.

Must send u some earplugs and alot of scotch :)

Anonymous said...

god put before you life/sanity and death/insanity and said "Chose life".

Nice to know that you get to leave alive.

Agree, any happy adventures would be nice too.

Agree, slightly, on what seperated them -- especially if work related.